How to Treat Knee pain; Easy Tips and Home Remedies

How to Treat Knee pain; Easy Tips and Home Remedies

Knee pain is a common problem these days, it is common for all ages, it can occur to anyone from children to old age. the reason for joint pain could be anything vitamin deficiency, surgery, diet. According to professional in most cases, joint pain occur due to lack of vitamin D, calcium, and iron. In other reason, obesity, overweight, pregnancy, fracture, ligament injuries, dislocation of the knee joint. We have to try to describe in simple word “how to treat knee pain easy tips and home remedies” so that a common people can understand it and apply these simple steps to rid of it.

These tips and tricks are for common problems of joint pain if you are suffering severely than consult your doctor. But these remedies are very helpful.

Simple Home Remedies


Exercise the first and foremost thing whenever comes the question of health, people who are active and persist with their exercise are more likely healthy bones and joint than a nonactive person.exercise will reduce the stiffness and pain. Aerobic exercises, muscles strengthen exercises, while sitting or lying down one putting on leg up and followed by the other, stepping down again and repeat it ten times is good for joint health.

2. weight

Overweight putting an extra burden on your joint to maintain a balanced weight you need to follow a balanced diet avoid fat and meat that are putting, add vegetable, fiber, and rich food.

3. Ginger

Ginger is an anti-inflammatory, boil a cup of water crush a small piece of ginger add a teaspoon honey and lemon drink this mix 2-3 times in a day. It’s an effective home remedy.


Turmeric loaded with cur-cumin that is anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that is helpful to reduce the pain. To take turmeric there are few methods

Boil one glass of milk add one teaspoon turmeric in it you can add some honey in it or can take without honey.
Or in a cup of boiled water add turmeric, honey and ginger juice and have it.
Follow these steps until the pain is gone.

5. Fenugreek Seeds

Soak 2 teaspoon fenugreek seeds in water at night, strain them and consume in the morning with empty stomach.

6. Massage

Take some mustard oil adds few garlic and boiled it then apply or rub gently on the knee joint. This is good therapy to boost blood circulation and joint pain.

7. Calcium

Consume calcium-rich food, flaxseeds, Alma, milk, banana, you can consume Giloy if can take raw or can take in tablet form from the market. A recent study conducted by Texas Woman’s University has established that daily intake of grapes; grapes are a rich source of antioxidants that boost the mobility of joint.

Final word from my side

So you can get benefited by this article “How to Treat Knee pain; Easy Tips and Home Remedies” and enjoy your life with some changes in your intake, you just watch what you eat and what is your lifestyle.

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