How to Get Rid of Acidity Reflux Quick Relief

How to Get Rid of Acidity Reflux Quick Relief


Excess production of acid is called the acidity. To digest the food that we eat gastric glands of the stomach produce acid normally that is essential for digestion, but due to some factors these gastric glands produce in excess quantity and it shapes the face of acidity. The lifestyle of people, wrong eating habits, irregular eating habits, oily food, late night parties, the excess of tea, coffee or alcohol, causes of the acidity, anybody suffer no age limit, a child, a youth or old age. The pressure of work also catches the acidity. When you don’t cure at the right time it can take the shape of stomach ulcers. How to Get Rid of Acidity Reflux Quick Relief i will tell you in this post.

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Symptom of Acidity

Heart burn, pain in stomach, sour throat, nausea, indigestion, constipation.

Causes of Acidity

There is a lot of things that lead us to acidity, spicy food, oily food, alcohol, excess of tea, and coffee, fried food, irregular meals, missing meals and having junk food, As a result of high secretion of acid ulcers could occur. Smoking also could be a cause of acidity. I have seen too much of medicine also cause of acidity, long time medicine to cure some problem leads to acidity.

Symptom of Acidity

Feeling of Nausea, belching, sour taste, heartburn, burning in the stomach, burning in the throat, indigestion, constipation or loose motion, the weak liver also the cause of acidity.

Avoid the Food that causing Acidity

Don’t take oily food, spicy food, non vegetarian food, avoid eating late, control excess of tea, coffee alcohol consumption is also a reason for acidity. If you can’t leave without that things reduce the quantity at least. It is necessary acid reflux to avoid the serious problem.

Food that helps to avoid Acidity

Eat fresh fruit like apple, banana, watermelon, grapes, and papaya. Buttermilk and ice-cream also helpful. Coconut water, lime water, takes jeera-dhania water mint and basil water. Take light food that is easy to digest and mixed with all the essential ingredients. Rice-based foods. Eat small size meals after every 3 hours but in small quantity. Have dinner at least 2-3 hours before sleep. And take a walk after having dinner. Drink at least 3 liters of boiled water or fresh water makes sure that is good in quality.


Do exercise it also helps in overall health and stimulates your digestion system, expels the toxin out of the body and you feel light, maintains the balance of your gastric juices. Maintain a healthy weight.

Cure Acidity

With some changes in the diet and lifestyle, we can stop the reflux of acid in the stomach. Take the right food that is friendly for your stomach and health or regular intervals in small quantity. Quit the smoking and alcohol.

1. Take buttermilk it contains lactic acid that normalizes acidity in the stomach, for best result sprinkle a dash of black pepper and black salt.

2. Cold milk also helpful, take a full glass of cold milk to prevents the buildup of acid in the stomach, because it is a rich source of calcium.

3. Coconut Water it protects the stomach from excessive and harmful effects of acid, it stops the production of acid in the stomach.

4. Banana contains contains antacids, it protects our stomach. 2-3 banana is useful for our stomach.

So if you are troubling the acidity change in your lifestyle avoid stress and live a healthy life, if you are suffering majorly then consult a doctor.

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