how to be healthy and fit

In 21st-century people do not have time to go out and exercise, kids play a game on the gadgets not outside, so physical fitness has become a challenge for everybody. There are some little things if we follow that we can stay fit now and for old age also.

  1. Avoid junk food & processed food

People leaving alone from out of home or other cities, they do not have time to cook the food or do not have the intension to cook and they eat processed food or junk food on regular basis it affects our digestion system and serious health issues. So don’t take junk food, white sugar, fried food it affects our stamina our whole body become lazy. We don’t feel fresh so it should be avoided.

  1. Take fruit

Add fruit to the meal we should eat at least two fruit on a day to stay healthy fruit has contained fiber that boosts our digestive system and we feel fresh and healthy when we take fruit. It is easy to eat also it saves your time just take and eat.

  1. Add raw vegetable

Add raw vegetable in the meal, we should eat at least 50% raw or boiled vegetable in our meal, when we take vegetable to make sure that use different colors of vegetable that health friendly and easy to digest it grow our age also.

  1. Gap between meals

We should maintain the gap between two meals don’t eat heavy at one time and don’t eat regularly, we should take after every 3 hours and take smaller meals with high proteins. Because when we take on interval we feel energetic it boosts our stamina.

  1. Sleeping Habit

Good sleep also essential for a healthy living. It different for everybody, some need 8 hours sleep some 6 hours some 7 hours I personally need 7 hours sleep go to bed early and wake up early is also essential for health.

  1. Do not take unnecessary things

People make habit of the excess of tea, coffee, and alcohol that is not necessary, I have seen people they take tea after every hour; people consume alcohol that is not required.

  1. Chew food slowly

Do not eat fast we should eat slowly and chew the bite at least 32 times when we eat like this saliva mix in the food that boosts the digestive system and maintains our weight.

  1. Exercise

To live a healthy and longer life exercise is very important. Exercise will help us to stay fit we feel energetic, increase our stamina through our body toxin out, and reduce our weight also. Exercise could be anything it can be cycling, yoga gym, walking, running, aerobic exercises, playing badminton, football, cricket, or anything else it depends on person to person.

Follow these instruction I guarantee you that you will stay fit whole life it reduces your medical bill with the health you will increase your wealth also. When you stay fit and healthy you feel energetic you can enjoy your life, you can work longer hour, and it will increase your productivity.

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