Home remedies for Cough & Cold

Cold and cough are common when mucus, dust, or pollution block your throat your body tries to clean the breathing passage. There are some home ways or remedies to protect you from that follow that remedies you can healthy and they don’t have any side effect, people using even when they are healthy people who speak a lot, singers, and professional use that technique on regular basis you can also use it is simple anybody can do.

1. Salt water Gargle– In Luke warm water add a tease spoon of salt and do the gargle, it is helpful to fresh your throat, you can see the effect instantly, drink some lukewarm water several times during the day it replenishes the fluids and infection out of the body.

2. Ginger tea-Ginger Tea is very effective in all the winter I take ginger tea that protects me from the cold throughout winter; it helps in treating cold and cough. It helps to open your nose, expel the phlegm from the respiratory system.

3. Honey– boiled some water add two spoons of honey and black pepper and lemon in it and drink it 4-5 times in a day it cures your cough and cold.

4. Another remedy is to add ginger juice honey and the pinch of cinnamon in equal quantity a and lick it very powerful even old cough.

5. Turmeric– Turmeric is a good source of antioxidant. Mix a spoon of turmeric in boiled water and drink it is very effective to cure cold and cough. It recovers from cold and cough very fast.

6. There is another tea also that is made by ginger, black pepper, and Tulsi leaves and cloves it is very hot it will give heat to your body and very powerful in cold and cough.

7. Steam – take steam it will give you instant relief from cold and cough, it will open up your nostril, throat and soothe the respiratory system. Clean your lungs and you feel better. Take boiled water in bowl or bucket take your head above the bowl cover your head with the towel to capture the steam. It is the right way to take steam.

So these are some tips you can use easily at home and protect yourself from cold and cough.

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