Best Food to Ease an Upset Stomach

Best Food to ease an upset stomach it is a crucial question when somebody suffering from stomach illness, nausea, bloating, indigestion, diarrhea,  pain, lose motion spoil your day & stomach not ease and you need energy as well as the soothing stomach.  If your stomach is upset then you have to choose food and drink very carefully. There are some food & drink that help to soothe your stomach. And to avoid dehydration you have to maintain the water level and restore the calories. there are best food to ease an upset stomach.


Papaya is the ultimate fruit for a smooth functioning of the stomach, it contains papain, and digestive enzyme and breaks down the foods in your stomach and easy to digest. Papaya smoothen the functionality of digestion system.

17 5 - Best Food to Ease an Upset Stomach


Banana easy to digest and give you instant energy without disturbing your stomach, banana contain pectin which helps to naturally firm and form stools,  anybody can eat without worry.

banana - Best Food to Ease an Upset Stomach



Yoghurt is a great source of liquid which help in stomach tolerance, soothe the upset stomach, it increases the good bacteria in the gut. Increase your digestion system and reducing bloating.

dahi - Best Food to Ease an Upset Stomach


White Rice

Brown rice is more nutritional value but for digestion value, it is to digest easily and give your stomach a help. Digest easily and make stool smooth remove the tension from the gut and remove wastage from the stomach.

white - Best Food to Ease an Upset Stomach



Oatmeal also the best food for stomach you can take oatmeal with low-fat cold milk for smooth digestion.

oatmeal - Best Food to Ease an Upset Stomach



Apple is a good source of energy and rich in pectin which helps in digestion and stool formation. Anybody can have apple

apples - Best Food to Ease an Upset Stomach



Before having biscuit you have to verify easy to digestion or plain biscuit avoid creamy or fiber biscuit choose that is easy to digest because the option is unlimited. Biscuits are easy in digestion and less in calories.

biscuit - Best Food to Ease an Upset Stomach



Watermelon a good source of water as well as good energy, and digestion friendly it removes the tiredness, nausea, vomiting, and dehydration.

water - Best Food to Ease an Upset Stomach

Avoid spicy and fatty food, oily food, fried food and heavy food, diet decides your health it is up to you which type of diet you choose that drive your health to be a doctor of your body connect with your body more friendly when you know your body closely you get a better living. that’s how these are “Best Food to Ease an Upset Stomach.”

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