About Us

Health is a precious thing for person. We can’t by health from anywhere it is gifted by the god we have to take care of it very carefully, we are here to educate people hot to eat, what to eat, what nutrition you need and guide you how to stay healthy, fit and live a happy life. Our blog is all about health n fitness. We will give you quality health tips.

Our mission is to guide people about their health and fitness. Lot of awareness programs run by the government to aware people, because health is everything in our life.

Due to modernization and new technology our food is not pure the health affected by food, air pollution, polluted water, the hospitals are increasing but the health and life of a person decreasing. Every day we face health challenge, mostly ladies; people are suffering, medical bill increasing day by day.  That is our mission to educate people how to live long, what habit they should adapt. What food they should have and what not. They already know but still it is our duty as a human being to remind them about the health importance and life.

I am Naresh Kumar is the host and founder of this blog; I am passionate about health & fitness. Lot of people ask me in parties why you don’t drink, I am cautious about health.